+ 44 28 9097 6474 V.Tiwari@qub.ac.uk
Highly motivated researchers are welcome to contact via e-mail for the Post-doctoral Fellow/Research Associate/Research Fellow position that may be available immediately. ❗ EMBO Workshop, Gene regulatory mechanisms in neural fate decisions 07 – 10 September 2023 | Alicante, Spain

We are particularly interested in studying how cell-fates are specified during development and miss-specified in diseases.

The research in my lab is aimed at achieving an integrated molecular and systems-level understanding of the mechanisms by which epigenetic machinery and transcription factors contribute to transcriptional reprogramming that defines cell-type identity during development and how this communication is altered in diseases such as cancer. To investigate these questions, we employ a multidisciplinary approach combining cutting-edge epigenetics and genomics together with computational biology tools in sophisticated and defined models of cellular differentiation and carcinogenesis.

Research Interests Gene Regulatory Mechanisms underlying Development and Disease

Our Team

Researches The Key Topics of Research

  • Transcription Factors and Cell-Fate Specification
  • Epigenomics of Cell-type Identity
  • Signaling to Chromatin Crosstalk
  • Epigenetic Regulation of Neurogenesis
  • Chromatin and Cancer
  • Systems Biology of Gene Regulatory Networks